Salesbox CRM Joins AppDirect’s Ecosystem of Leading Cloud Services

15 July 2016 Stockholm — Salesbox CRM announced today that it is partnering with AppDirect to join the global cloud service commerce ecosystem. By integrating into AppDirect’s network, Salesbox CRM can distribute its services to end business users around the world through AppDirect’s service provider, independent software vendor (ISV), and value-added reseller (VAR) partners.

The AppDirect cloud service commerce platform unites providers, developers and consumers of cloud services into a single ecosystem. The platform allows businesses to easily find, buy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a central location and delivers new opportunities to distribute, sell, and market cloud services.

AppDirect-powered marketplaces, billing and distribution, and reselling services help providers – including Telstra, ADP, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom and others – connect millions of businesses to solutions from Microsoft, Google, Box and now Salesbox CRM.

Salesbox CRM is the award winning smart and mobile CRM that makes businesses more focused and successful. Salesbox is easy to use, quickly implemented on iOS, Android and web. It makes it easy to collaborate anywhere you are and it delivers higher user engagement numbers than the competition.

Salesbox is different than other CRM tools in other key ways, giving companies the ability to: Predict what you need to do to reach sales targets. Access the complete package on the most popular mobile platforms. Customize your sales processes to your customers’ purchase processes, making sales more efficient.

“We are really proud to partner with AppDirect and see our integration as a key way of distributing our software. Our integration with AppDirect will make it easier and faster for us to connect to more resellers worldwide,” said Andreas Lalangas, CEO, Salesbox CRM.

“We’re excited to bring Salesbox CRM into the AppDirect ecosystem,” said Paul Arnautoff, Director of Business Development at AppDirect. “Salesbox CRM brings a unique set of services to end business users, and with our reach to over 30 million business around the world, we’re looking forward to helping Salesbox CRM build a powerful distribution and monetization channel.”

About Salesbox CRM:

Salesbox CRM is the #1 predictive CRM and mobile CRM for those that want to be successful in sales. Salesbox believes that sales is all about people, numbers and focus. Salesbox provides the world with solutions that makes people successful in sales by encouraging to go beyond the expected boundaries. Salesbox also won an international award in London for most innovative and best sales CRM 2016.

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About Salesbox

Salesbox is the #1 predictive and mobile CRM. Salesbox makes it easy to collaborate with both colleagues and customers and provides a unique way of applying dynamic and flexible sales processes.

Salesbox makes sure you focus on the right activities, guides you to your sales target and gives you more accurate sales forecasts than any other CRM.

About Salesbox
We believe that sales is all about people, numbers and focus.
Salesbox provide the world with solutions that makes people successful in sales by encouraging to go beyond the expected boundaries.


    Salesbox adapts to your behaviour and performance to guide you to the sales target.
  • Get accurate sales forecasts with dynamic and multiple processes with focus on activities.
    Call and email with Salesbox to get complete tracking of your customer communication.
    Built in marketing automation generates leads automatically from emails & social media.
    Delegate tasks & leads directly to colleagues or open ticket lists. Ask for help if you get stuck.
    Get encouraged to reach activity & sales targets. Compete against yourself & your colleagues.

Salesbox helps you focus on the right activities. Salesbox guides you on what to do and prioritize. Salesbox also proactively helps you to understand the gap to your target, so you never again need to worry about what it takes to reach your sales target.

Salesbox is intelligent and learns your individual and company numbers over time, creates tailor-made proactive guidance and forecasts, and analyses your individual situation, just for you. Salesbox is the guiding sales solution that automatically adapts to your and your company’s unique performance history and situation.

With Salesbox pipeline view you quickly get an overview of your pipeline. You see all opportunities grouped by sales processes. Easily check the done activities and know how you are doing.

In the pipeline view, your deals are grouped and displayed by your different sales processes and checked activities. This clearly shows how individuals, units and the whole

Salesbox takes the guess work out of sales an lets you focus on the activities that lead you to closure.We automatically generates progress for each opportunity, based on which activities have been completed. This generates a uniform sales forecasting and other types of reports.

Traditional processes work well for a static environment like a factory production line, where you have 100% control from start to finish and need to move forward in a pre-defined order. In sales it does not, since it’s a dynamic environment. Moving the entire opportunity form one stage to another does not give you the needed accuracy in your forecasts. To give you accurate forecasts Salesbox allows you to focus on the activities needed to win a deal, not force your to do them in a pre-defined order.


Salesbox is built for a seamless workday where it’s easy to focus on the business and not administration. We have created an ecosystem of other useful business tools that Salesbox is integrated with. Together with the ecosystem we offer a complete business solution to manage all parts of your business.

Get your information automatically updated between Salesbox and other systems to manage Contacts, Calendars, Emails, Documents, Tasks, Leads, Invoices, Deals, Forecast data etc. All available on both mobile devices and web.

Salesbox is also a truly mobile solution, built for the modern mobile business person who wants to stay informed and get active support 24/7. With Salesbox you have access to 100% of the functionality of your mobile device.